Friday, 28 February 2014

Heavy Duty Jacking Specialists - Flat Jacking Works

Hydra-Capsule have become a world leader within design, manufacturing and supplying of flat jacks. By manufacturing our flat jacks within our “in-house” purpose-built workshop. We are able to test all our jacks to British standard legislations, all within our United Kingdom premises.

In addition, Hydra-Capsule, as standard, will incorporate digital monitoring to our flat jacking systems to record movement, displacement and pressure / load data to offer the most professional service throughout the United Kingdom.

Hydra Capsule is a leading subcontractor for manufacturing, supplying and installation of flat jacks. Hydra Capsule originally founded the company, on flat jacks alone, however over 30 years of experience within this market, have grown and development all heavy lifting equipment to suit all lifting applications, making us one of the market leaders for flat jacking.

Description of Flat Jack

The flat jack itself consist of 2 main components; steel moulded capsule and a pair of thrust plates. The standard shape of a flat jack is round, however square and oval shape are available in special circumstances. The jack has an inlet and outlet connections to inject fluid and bled the capsule fully.

“The flat jack is the lowest height jack in the world that can exert forces up to 850 tonnes”

Depending of the application, an range of fluid can be injected into the jack(s) under pressure; water, oil, cementitious grout and resin. With an working pressure of a maximum 150 bars, with a stroke range from 25mm to 35mm dependant of the manufactured jack.

If existing structures have to be held up by means of piles or beams, it is sometimes necessary to preload the supporting section. This preloading can be effected with a flat jack, which is generally left behind in the structure.

Application of Flat Jacks:
  • lifting of structures
  • jacking of structures – pre-loading and inducing a permanent force to foundations, piles, beams, columns, bearings, seismic isolators and steelworks
  • holding of structure – temporary propping / works, new foundations and  etc
  • Weighing and Measure of forces
  • Balance force loadings
Hydra-Capsule can offer a complete contractual installation service throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. With our vast knowledge and experience within the sector of jacking works we can meet all clients requirements at a professional level based on our 30 years of trading. 

Please find attached technical information on flat jacks at our website: within our contract services.

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