Monday, 14 April 2014

Flat Jacks, Hydraulic Jacking, Temporary Propping ...

Hydra-Capsule was established in 1987, and have gradually gained a reputation for innovative solutions, quality and safety for the heavy lifting, sliding, hydraulic jacking and monitoring within the civil and construction industry.  Our services have gradually developed from over 25 years of practical experience, such as, hydraulic jacking, consisting of hydraulic cylinders, flat jacks, heavy lifting and sliding to temporary propping and complex synchronised units and remote structural monitoring.

Hydra-Capsule operate a complete contractual service, which is fully in-house, from manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and flat jacks, to bespoke jacking products and monitoring systems.

Our contractual services ( are:

•  Temporary and Permanent Grout Flat jacks
•  Hydraulic Jacking - Contract Services
•  Synchronised and Bridge Jacking / Sliding Systems
•  Hydraulic Cylinder Design, Manufacturing
•  Temporary Propping Systems - Contract Services, Hire and Sales
•  Monitoring Equipment for Jacking Operations and Structural Monitoring
•  Bridge Bearing Replacement
•  Grout bags and Associated Equipment
•  Weighing, Load and Pile Testing Equipment
•  Pre-stressing and Tensioning.

We offer complete products and services throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe with our own competent jacking Engineers for installation works for flat jacking to jacking and installation of temporary propping systems.

The company carry a large stock of fully tested hydraulic jacks, flat jacks and temporary propping for bridge bearing works, structural lifting and lowering, to pre-loading applications. Available for hire, sales and bespoke equipment systems.

In addition, we are able to offer and supply a comprehensive range of pumping and pressurising equipment which includes hoses, control manifolds, hydraulic accessories and pumps ranging from hand, electric and synchronised pump units.

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