Saturday, 28 June 2014

Permanent Grout filled Flat Jacks

Tricky flat jacking operation completed successfully by Hydra-Capsule within programme and budget ( using or special purpose-built high pressure injection systems.

The works consisted of 21 off. Transfusion flat jacks with a capacity of 40 tons each, 840 ton in total..

Therefore all the jacks were interlinked and synchronously loaded to the specified defined loads, displacements/deflection and limits.

Once competed, each jack (which were jacked/lifted/preloaded with hydraulic fluid) was individually transfused using a double-release valve arrangement, to inject grout and release temporary fluid until the flat jack was fully transferred. Find detailed explanation of the above flat jacking operations at . 

The key element of the operation, is the jack can be accurately monitoring and maintain the original preload and movement with the structural steelwork being subjected to additional loads and/or further stresses. 

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